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**Comprehensive Guide to Sending Goods from Overseas to Vietnam by Post**

When it comes to sending goods from overseas to Vietnam, utilizing the postal service offers a cheap solution. The International Postal Operations Center – Northern Region in Vietnam presents a seamless process for customs clearance and secure delivery. Discover a step-by-step guide on how to successfully ship goods from abroad to Vietnam using postal services while adhering to SEO standards and the primary keyword “Sending goods from overseas to Vietnam by post.”

**Step 1: Thoughtful Package Preparation**

Begin the process by ensuring your package is expertly packed to safeguard its contents during the journey. Employ suitable packaging materials, particularly for delicate items.

**Step 2: Essential Documentation**

The journey starts with collecting the necessary documentation for smooth customs clearance:

– **Customs Declaration:** Complete the customs declaration form, which includes the original sender’s confirmation.
– **Identification Documentation:** Provide a photocopy of your passport or identification card.
– **Flight Ticket Stub (if applicable):** Include a copy of the flight ticket stub for reference.

**Step 3: Determine Licensing Requirements**

It’s essential to determine whether your goods require specific import licenses for a seamless entry into Vietnam. Here’s a breakdown of some examples:

Import license for goods from abroad to VN

Identifying and obtaining the necessary licenses for your goods ensures a smooth customs clearance process as you send goods from overseas to Vietnam by post.

**Step 4: Comprehensive Information Submission**

Efficiently complete the customs declaration, providing accurate particulars regarding the package’s content, value, and intended purpose. If your shipment includes e-commerce items, seamlessly follow the electronic customs declaration process.

**Step 5: Delivery Options**

Choose between two convenient options:

– **Option 1:** Personally visit the International Postal Operations Center – Northern Region during operational hours (Monday to Friday) to submit your package and documentation.
– **Option 2:** Opt for seamless convenience by sending the completed documentation, along with photocopies, via postal services or email to the specified address.

**Step 6: Streamlined Customs Clearance**

The parcel undergoes meticulous customs clearance procedures. Diligent customs officials review the documentation and conduct inspections when necessary.

**Step 7: Timely and Secure Delivery**

Upon successful customs clearance, the International Postal Operations Center will promptly manage the delivery to the recipient’s designated address within Vietnam.

This comprehensive guide outlines the straightforward process of shipping goods from overseas to Vietnam through the postal service, facilitated by the International Postal Operations Center. By providing accurate documentation and adhering to the outlined steps, your parcel will effortlessly navigate customs clearance and reach its destination promptly.

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