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What is a customs declaration? Concept of customs declaration

A customs declaration is a document that the exporter or importer needs to declare in detail the information, quantity and specifications of the goods to be exported to or imported from abroad. Declare on the custom declaration is a stage in the process of customs procedures for goods. At present, all kinds of paper declarations are replaced by electronic declaration forms. You can refer to the declaration form below:

New Updated 2018 Customs Declaration Forms:

1. Export goods declaration (HQ / 2012-XK)
Appendix of Export Goods Declaration (HQ / 2012-PLXK)

2. Import goods declaration (HQ / 2012-NK)
Appendix of Import Goods Declaration (HQ / 2012-PLNK)

3. E-customs declaration for export (Form 2a)
Appendix of E-customs declaration form for export (Form 2b)
E-customs declaration of import (Form 3a)
Appendix of e-customs declaration forms (Form 3b)
E-customs declaration of amendment and supplement (Form 6)

4. Non-commercial export / import declaration (HQ / 2011-PMD)
Appendix of non-commercial export / import declarations (PLHQ / 2011-PMD)


Guidelines on how to inscribe the criteria on the import goods declaration;
Guidelines on how to inscribe the criteria on export goods declarations;
Guiding the way of inscribing the criteria on the appendix of the import goods declaration;
Guidelines on how to inscribe the criteria on the appendix of export goods declarations;
Link download instructions customs declaration


To look up the information on the declaration for the purpose of understanding the amount of tax payable, the deadline for tax payment and the over deadline for paying tax, visit the e-customs portal: https://www.customs.SitePages/TraCuuThongTinToKhaiHQ.aspx

Then enter: declaration number, business code and identification number (of the director on the business registration certificate) to conduct the search.


Currently, for e-customs declaration, enterprises can go to the VNACSS system to view and reprint the declaration easily. However, in order to fulfill the duty of tax refund or liquidation, the enterprise still needs to have a paper declaration. In case of loss, the enterprise shall promptly contact the customs sub-department thereof for declaration, clearly stating the reason for loss of the declaration form and certification of the loss of the declaration form. The customs office will check and search for the declaration with the enterprise. If it can not be found, the enterprise must send an official dispatch to the customs office, at the same time, the communication shall clearly state the loss of the declaration, the copy of the declaration, and may be subject to the penalty for loss of the declaration. The customs office then proceeds to back up the declaration form and give the new customs declaration.