With almost 20 years of experiences in transportation and delivery, TCL Express provides inland express delivery throughout our network of almost 100 post offices across Vietnam.

Why you should choose TCL Express

Immediately uses of service after registration, without the need for contract

Initiative, transparency and ease of use when calculating the cost

Cash on delivery by the Consignee, increase chance of successful transaction

Return service, receive from and delivery to more than 700 post offices nationwide

TCL express provide warranty in case of accident

Change of Destination fees paid straight through the bank on Tuesday and Friday


Daily delivery

We provide door to door delivery and other modes nationwide, guarantee to be on time. Estimated time of delivery is between 3 to 72 hours regarding inland delivery

Express delivery

A premium service which provide utmost commitment on the time of delivery. Estimated time of delivery is 3 hours for the urban areas of main cities, and before 9h30 on the same day for intermunicipal delivery.

High valued goods, bids, vaccine, cold goods

These type of goods has high insurance rate (up to 100% the value of goods) in case of missing or damaged. The transportation process is strictly monitored and carried out by potent instrument (airplanes, trucks, bikes) as well as the assistance of IT, we aim to provide the best service on the market on both quality and efficiency

48 hours delivery  

Estimated time of delivery is 8 to 48 hours. With cheap airways and mini trucks from 1 to 3.5 tons with high quality and competitive prices.

Value added services

In order to fulfill the Shipper request, we also provide the services for: COD, packaging, refund, tally, warranty


A premium service which provide utmost commitment on the time of delivery. Estimated time of delivery is 3 to 4 hours.

In order to answers increasing demand, TCL Express always has a team of professional ready to provide service 24/24. The delivery begin right after receiving order and is delivered straight to the Consignee, without the need for post offices.

TCL Express guarantee:

To deliver on time

Delivery route transparency and proof of delivery

Warranty the safety of goods and time of delivery

Insurance rate of 100% value of goods in case of missing or damaged



COD delivery is a special service the Shipper can use alongside with other postal services to commission post office a sum of money to the Consignee.

The maximum value of a commission is 50,000,000 dong (Fifty millions dong)

Rights and responsibilities

For Shipper

The Shipper and Consignee has the right to nominated a third party to receive the goods and commission and handle related problems in the process.

The Shipper and Consignee has the right to file a complaint about the the service

In case of damaged to the COD package, the Shipper is compensated by TCL Express

In case of the Consignee refuse or unable to receive the package, the Shipper has the responsibility to pay TCL Express the freight and return cost

The Shipper has the responsibility regarding the type, quality, price of goods as well as consent with the Consignee regarding the responsibility of payment for TCL Express.

The Shipper and the Consignee must abide by the rules and instructions regarding express delivery services

For TCL Express

TCL Express has the right to demand ID and related documents required by law for the procedure of postage of the Shipper and Consignee

TCL Express does not hold responsibility regarding the type, quality, price of goods

TCL Express has the responsibility to compensate the Shipper in case of damaged


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Company's Service


Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Cargo transportation by sea as LCL Consolidation or FCL service.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Cargo transportation by air. TCL is main sale agent and have contracts with many airlines.

Custom Clearance Documentary

Custom Clearance Documentary

TCL consult the documentary and export/import custom procedure for free. Hs code checking and instruct any other protocol.

Warehousing Service

Warehousing Service

Warehousing renting service with 24/24 supervisor, packaging service for fragile cargo and inventory service.

Inland Express

Inland Express

TCL provide transportation service within Vietnam as fast as possible by express courier.

International Express

International Express

With our wide range of courier partner as DHL, Fedex, UPS along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs.

Door Delivery Import Service

Door Delivery Import Service

Order and delivery items from Germany. Order and delivery items from Japan. Order and deliver items from China.

Moving Service

Moving Service

TCL provide household and office moving service with the number of vehicle available within Hanoi and professional worker.