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International Courier Express is a service of express delivery of goods from Vietnam to other countries in the world with very fast time, high safety and usually for goods with small volume. However, there are some tips to using cheap international delivery service that not everyone knows.

  1. Package shipping lightweight: when the goods are delivered internationally, the airline will charge freight not only based on actual weight but also by volume (size of goods). So before shipment, the sender needs to pack the most compact goods possible to save costs. However, with some fragile goods, it is not advisable to save space, but to remove loose items such as sponge, hard foam.
  2. Long time international delivery options: Just like going by plane, if you have to transit through many airports, the airfare will be much cheaper, so is the cargo. When the carrier offers customers the options, long transit time are often cheaper. If the sender is unimportant about the time of shipment, choose the shipping package for a long time. The cheapest international delivery service with the longest time is the service of the state postal service.
  3. Ship as a guarantee: if the goods are not so valuable and important, such as small gifts or clothes, old personal belongings are low value, the sender should consider sending international delivery in the form of security assure In this form, the shipping company will not be responsible for tracking the shipment and notifying the sender of the schedule. The delivery man also has the duty to deliver the goods to the right address as required on the bill of lading, not necessarily to the correct recipient or the recipient does not need to sign the mail. International delivery in the form of risk assurance will be higher, but the price will also be cheaper.
  4. Selecting a carrier depends on the geographic area: If the sender chooses to ship in the ordinary international courier mode, it can save money by choosing the right airline depending on the destination of the goods. Experience has shown that to send to other countries in Asia, Europe is the use of international TNT is the cheapest, but if sending to Japan or the United States, Canada through UPS International Express cheaper. Even some express carriers in Vietnam use the combination of TNT Singapore or a third country to deliver goods through which the international courier service of firms in Vietnam will be cheaper , but the sender will not be provided the tracking code immediately after the shipment, but must wait until the goods to the country to convey the new.
  5. Choice of international economy service: In addition, each airline has economy and express service. Senders can choose to save money to reduce shipping costs because with this service the delivery time is usually longer than the fast service about 3-5 days. However, with the volume of goods under 20 kgs, the international delivery rates of these two services are almost the same.
  6. Over-sized, overloaded: If the sender feels that the international courier service is too high for the amount you are willing to pay, you may be thinking of paying extra for the airline. The sender will fly with the goods. As long as the checked baggage does not exceed 30 kgs, the baggage must be paid for the excess baggage.