Ocean Freight – Being Cheated or Not

In order to maximize the cost of shipping at the cheapest prices and to ensure the safety with reasonable transit time, not all importers and exporters know how to avoid high shipping cost. Here are some notes for importers and exporters to optimize ocean freight. 1. Volume of goods Importers and exporters should note that […]

(Tiếng Việt) Thủ Tục Xuất Khẩu Hàng Thủ Công Mỹ Nghệ

Handicraft is one of the goods that has strong export potential in Viet Nam, but not any factory or trading enterprises know the procedures how to export the handicrafts. Handicraft wares such as ceramics, lacquer, bamboo and rattan wares, handicrafts are very popular in the European and American markets, but when they are imported, exporters […]