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Courier is now a freight service that many customers trust to use by the speed and convenience of this type of shipping. However, if you know of some bad situations arising during the courier process, it will help you to anticipate the consequences and have a solution.

The way to fix the goods comes later than the commitment

In the process of shipping your goods, it is likely that your goods will arrive later than some of the commitments that may be due to subjective factors from the customer or possibly from the carrier and it may also be due to external factors.

The factor occur by the sender itself is that the shipping address is not clear, which makes it difficult for the courier to find the correct address.

The problem that comes from the shipping company can be due to misses or errors due to lack of customer check.

There are also other objective reasons that is the case where the recipient is off work on the day of receipt, it must add a day when the mail to the post office after Saturday. In addition, it is also due to the delay caused by the weather …

Above are some situations as well as the cause of your delivery not delivered to the recipient in a timely manner. In order to minimize this situation, you should look to the express delivery service of reputable, branded units in the market, although the price is higher than the discount rate.

Your goods are no longer intact

If you pack the goods incorrectly, it is very likely that the goods will be broken, scratched in the process of transportation. If your item is valuable, the best you should proceed to buy insurance for goods.

The above are some common mistakes when you choose the delivery service express delivery. To avoid bad situations, you should refer to the reputable courier service.