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Ports have helped all over the world to move toward large-scale trade. Cargo is transported to and from more than twenty million ports around the world. Today, we’ll look at the ports that receive the most shipping container traffic in the world.

They include Shanghai Port, Shenzhen Port, Guangzhou Port, Hong Kong Port, Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port as well as The Busan Port, Jebel Ali Port as well as Singapore Port. If you’re keen to know details about the ports mentioned above, continue on reading!

top 10 port with big traffic
top 10 port with big traffic

1. Shanghai Port, China

Shanghai Port Shanghai Port was constructed in 1842 at the point of convergence between the Qiantang, Huangpu, and Yangtze rivers. Because of its position, it handles most of the trade that flows through China’s East Coast of China.

The port in 2010, overtook it’s predecessor Port of Singapore as the most overcrowded port around the globe. In the year 2019 it logged the highest volume of traffic, which was 43.3 million equivalent units of twenty feet (TEU).

2. Singapore Port, Singapore

Prior to 2010 it was the time that in 2010, Singapore Port was considered the most crowded port. Since then, it’s been reduced to being second-largest. It’s the source of 20% of world’s shipping containers, which can reach it via oceans, the Indian or Pacific oceans. It experienced an increase of 36.6 millions TEUs.

3. Shenzhen Port, China

The port has 27.7 millions TEUs Shenzhen Port comes third on the list. Many ports located in Guangdong are covered by the jurisdiction of this port. The location, which is along the Pearl River Delta, gives an advantage in geography.

It is also able to dock more than 140 vessels. The port is situated in a secluded area with different bodies of water through which containers are able to pass and thus account for the high volume of traffic.

4. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, China

It is believed that the Beilun Port, Ningbo Port along with Zhenhai Port converge to form the Ningbo Zoushan Port in China. In 2006 Ningbo Port, Ningbo Port and Zhoushan Port joined to create what is today, a mega-port with 26.4 million TEUs in 2018.

The trade between China and a number of other countries is carried out and facilitated. Although it is less crowded as Shenzhen Port, it has fifty more docks.

5. Guangzhou Port, China

The entire sea-cargo business within the Guangdong region of China is handled via Guangzhou Port. Guangzhou Port. This port, dubbed ‘the Silk Road on the Sea with 4000 docks to choose from.

Guangzhou Port Guangzhou Port is the biggest port that is comprehensive in all of Southern China. Similar to the Shenzhen Port, it is in the Pearl Harbor Delta. In 2018, it had 21.9 millions TEUs.

6. Busan Port, South Korea

Busan Harbor is home to the largest port in South Korea called Busan Port. Busan Port. In 2018, it handled trade worth 21.7 million tonnes of TEUs. The initial purpose of the project was the small scale trade between Japan in addition to China.

7. Hong Kong Port, China

It is said that the Hong Kong Port is one of the most busy for container shipping as well as passengers. Because of its central position at the South China Sea, this port handled 19.6 million TEUs in 2018. The port is one of the largest and most flexible, with facilities that can accommodate vessels of any type.

8. Qingdao Port, China

The port had 18.3 million tons of transportation last year Qingdao Port was ranked eighth on the list. Qingdao Port located in the Yellow Sea comes eighth on the list. It is divided into four distinct sections: Guangdong Oil, Qianwan, Dagang, and Dongjiakou. It also has agreements with other ports that allow it with transport and shipping.

9. Tianjin Port, China

The Tianjin Port, also known as”the Port of Tanggu, had 16 million TEUs in the year 2018. While a number of other Chinese ports are on the list, this is the largest port that is located in Northern China. It’s the one that handles trade with various nations.

Apart from providing cargo services, the port was also developed to aid in shipping and terminal services. Numerous notable companies have arranged to provide the port the necessary resources.

10. Jebel Ali Port, United Arab Emirates

The last harbor on the list is located in the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. Although it only received the equivalent of 15 million TEUs in 2017, it is the largest man-made port. It is also the biggest port in the whole country.

It was built in the year 1970 and was built after the majority of others on this list, as the authorities believed that the need for a second port was evident in the era of 1970. It has received numerous awards for the efficiency with which it operates and is fully stocked with all the necessary supplies that might be faced. It is also used as a base from which there is a dock where the United States can dock its warships.