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Transporting Personal Luggage to the US – Easy but Challenging

In April, TCL Logistics received a request from Ms. Wendy to transport all of her personal belongings from Vietnam to the US. The challenge here was that Ms. Wendy had to travel to the US urgently and had to leave her belongings behind in Vietnam, without having the chance to sort out the necessary items for us to inspect. TCL Logistics had to collect and sort out different types of items such as clothes, electronics, and fragile goods. Some items, such as cash and liquids, had to be discarded as they were not eligible for air transportation.

Finally, the goods were sorted, packed, and carefully packed into boxes. After finalizing the quantity and quotation, Ms. Wendy agreed and paid the shipping fee for this batch of goods to be sent to the US the following week.

Note: The US is one of the most developed economies in the world. Therefore, imported goods into the US are strictly inspected for security reasons to prevent any national security risks.

For personal luggage shipments to the US, it is challenging to ship by sea due to complex procedures and many required documents. TCL Logistics typically advises customers to filter essential items to send to the US and dispose of sensitive or difficult-to-send items to ensure easy customs clearance and reduce transportation costs for customers.

For more advice on transporting personal luggage to the US, please contact TCL Logistics at the following information:

Website: https://tclfreight.com.vn/en

Email: gerrard@tclfreight.com.vn

Mobile/Whatsapp/Zalo: 0934444044

Fanpage: https://facebook.com/tclfreight