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UPS Courier is a service provided from a US mail company, then develop the branches in the world and nowadays it has become one of the global companies and is a fast forwarding company. the most prestigious in the world. We, TCL, are honored to be the reliable, long-lasting partner of UPS courier, bringing a lot of value to our customers.

  1. Why Use UPS Express Delivery?The question is why should customers choose UPS services instead of other courier companies? The UPS criteria set out to be safe, reliable and secure, with US standard procedures, methods, and procedures for tracking, shipping and reporting of UPS-wide UPS systems. Professional and methodical. UPS courier rates are average, not too low but not too high, especially for very low rates for Vietnam, USA, Canada and Japan.UPS Services:

    UPS Express Saver: the most economical savings service, suitable for customers with low transportation budget, no need to transfer quickly. Delivery time is from 3 to 5 days. Charge reference of UPS express delivery (for better rates, please contact directly 093.4444.044)
    a. For documents:

    b. For the small weight cargo : 
    Weight from 0 – 10 kg :

    Weight from 10 – 20 kgs :

    Weight over 20 kgs :

  2. Express delivery service from Vietnam to other countries (UPS Express): service to send goods with faster transfer time, suitable for customers need to send urgently. In addition, goods shipped in the form of Express Delivery Express UPS will have faster clearance time. Reference fee for express delivery (For better rates please contact directly 093.4444.044. )
    a. For documents:

    b. For the small weight cargo : 
    Weight from 0 – 10 kgs :

    Weight from 10 to 20 kgs :

    Weight over 20 kgs  :

    The Zones of UPS express :


    Oversize charges: the goods will be subject to oversize charge if the size is (Width x 2) + (Height x 2)> 330 cm.
    Charge exceeds maximum limit:
    i. The maximum weight for a package is 70 kgs
    ii. The maximum length of a package is 270 cm
    iii. The maximum volume of a package is (Width x 2) + (Height x 2) = 419 cm
    Remote area fee: If the delivery area is remote, UPS will charge a surcharge
    Fumigation fee: If the goods are packed in wooden crates, the customer must pay the fee for fumigating for wooden crates