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Nowadays, the economy is growing, but many companies, enterprises and even the individuals doing businesses without having their own premises. Many individuals are passionate about the business, trading goods online but do not have space to store goods. In order to meet that demands, the service of renting storage warehous was born. And of course many people use that service. Why so, which advantages and disadvantages having this service? The following article will help you understand better, just read it.

Types of storages warehouse:

There are many types of storages warehouse for renting purposes now. Below are some of common types:

Normal independent warehouse: when using this type of storage, the customers need to manage the goods and transport by their own. For this type of warehouse, the price depends on the used area (m2)

General warehouse: this warehouse is designed with professional shelves, pallets… helping the customers manage their goods easily and most efficiently. The price for rent depends on used volume (m3) and warehouse blocks

Cold storage warehouse: goods and documents are stored at minus …degrees Celsius, in accordance with current standards. The customers can hire the whole warehouse or per needed volume. (m3)

Cool storage warehouse: same as the cold storage warehouse, the goods and documents are stored under temperature control, cool at 15oC. The customers can hire the whole warehouse or per needed volume. (m3)

Warehouse rental service users

In general, all individuals and organizations having the needs for warehouse renting for goods and documents storage as well as workshop for business purposes can be the users of this service.

The more people use warehouse renting, the more companies provide this kind of service. So you need to choose warehouse for storage your goods and documents basing on following criteria: Pay attention to the warehouse capacity as well as security level to avoid loss of goods and documents. Moreover, it’s necessary to consider whether the warehouse location is convenient for your demands. The qualification of the staff is also considerable, but the most important of course is the price, basing on your own pocket to choose most suitable warehouse from a qualified and prestige service provider to keep your goods and documents safely stored.

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Translator : Mrs. Hanh ( Export Dept )