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Demand for transportation to the United States in Vietnam is growing rapidly. However, when shipping to the US, customers should pay attention to ensure that their shipments reach the recipient in the safest way.

The time for you to carry a shipment from Vietnam to the US usually lasts from 3 to 7 days depending on the choice of the customer, is shipping fast or slow depends on . the transportation type you choose. Customers can refer and choose the express service from reliable courier.

Khi tiến hành gửi hàng sang Mỹ bạn cần lưu ý những gì?
When shipping to the US do you need to pay attention?

About the import duty you need to pay when moving goods to the US. Import tariffs depend heavily on each commodity and their price in order to obtain the applicable tax rate in accordance with the regulations of the government. For each country, certain rates will apply to a certain amount of tax so that recipients may be taxed differently. However, each value of the goods will not be declare to their true value within the limit. The customs office of importing country may re-define the costs of the import goods and the tax rate will be applied normally.

For items that are shipped to the US if the item is made of wood, even if it is handled carefully, you must do the fumigation carefully before shipping to the United States.

For human and animal nutrition shipped to the US, even if it is carefully tested in Vietnam and FDA registered, it can still be canceled in the US due to the quality of the product of Vietnam does not meet FDA standards when entering the US market.

Fraudulent actions in the declaration of goods are often very likely to affect customs clearance, delayed release and even the goods being canceled or billed in full without prior notice.

The above is a note when the customer needs to ship to the United States. Hopefully with the above share of us will help you to transport the shipment to USA in the most convenient and safe way.