TCL is acting as agent for famous international carrier such as: Fedex, TNT, UPS, DHL .

TCL accepts any package with less than 500 kg of weight and offers both slow delivery (7-10 days) and express delivery (3-5 days), the ability to track and locate the package, as well as pickup delivery


Unlike normal delivery, express delivery has short and clearly defined duration. While regular delivery services, consignment parcels and guaranteed parcels have much longer delivery time and rarely defined.

Express delivery is always guaranteed. In other words, as long as there’s no problem with the destination, the package has to arrive on time and obtain the signature of the consignee in time as agreed upon. Otherwise, the shipper has a right to file a complaint.

International courier is different from inland delivery due to time and money cost.


  • There are many cases where the stamped mail is as fast as the courier, but stamps are not a guaranteed delivery, thus the acting agent is not responsible for the stamps mail. Therefore, shipper will have to choose express delivery for important documents, even if the chance of loss of the stamp is low.

    With the rise of international courier services, pickup delivery services is offered. Therefore there is no need for the shipper and consignee to involve post offices, as well as notice of recipient.

    Alongside with express delivery, a wide range of value added services is also offered, such as delivered at the right time of the shipper’s request, providing the consignee with confirmation about the recipient and the time of receipt in writing, collects money directly from the shipper, etc…

    With regard to low price international courier, shippers must keep track of the time of arrival as well as the location of goods, or else it would be problematic if it was delivered to the wrong address.

Time of Delivery

As international courier is a booming business, international carriers in Vietnam has the range of delivery at roughly 200 countries across the globe, and this number is expanding each and everyday.



The exact time of delivery depends on the type of delivery and individual carrier. On average, the time of delivery is

For documents, 1-2 days to Asia, 3-4 days to Europe and Americas

For goods, 1-3 days to Asia, 3-5 days to Europe and Americas

The times of delivery for some countries in middle east is 4-6 days


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Company's Service


Cho thuê kho

Cho thuê kho

(Tiếng Việt) Cho thuê kho bãi, đóng gói hàng hóa.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Cargo transportation by sea as LCL Consolidation or FCL service.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Cargo transportation by air. TCL is main sale agent and have contracts with many airlines.

Custom Clearance Documentary

Custom Clearance Documentary

TCL consult the documentary and export/import custom procedure for free. Hs code checking and instruct any other protocol.

International Express

International Express

With our wide range of courier partner as DHL, Fedex, UPS along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs.