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Bat Trang ceramic village has hundreds of years of history from the Ly Tran Dynasty, with many products made from quality white clay provided for the Red River Delta. People said, after the Ly dynasty moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long citadel, pottery craftsmen from Vinh Ninh Trang, Bo Xuyen, Bach Bat villages (Thanh Hoa-Ninh Binh) were permitted to open kilns, build villages, produce pottery ,brick for the kingdom. Spread the generations name Bach Tho Ward to Bat Trang.

More than 20 families moved from fatherland to Bat Trang set up career, brought traditional job. Bat Trang ancient village is best known for two products: Bat Trang bricks and Bat Trang ceramics. Bat Trang Brick is often used in important architectural works such as Temple of Literature, Imperial Thang Long … because of its durability, longevity, no moss mold. Along with that, Bat Trang pottery is well known far away with many styles, sizes, types: Bat Trang bowls, candles, candle sticks, incense burners, cymbals … Bat Trang ceramic is produced by hand on the handmade turntable.

Later on with the wood molding technique and poured into the plaster mold. With the ancient glaze such as blue, brown, …and decorations such as flowers, leaves, wire, birds suitable for each type of product. Bat Trang ancient pottery is preserved and displayed in many national and international museums, collected by collectors, and very valuable in the market.

Depending on the aesthetics, use and money, you can choose a quality product that is affordable to decorate your family or gift. The price of a set of bowls Bat Trang usually fluctuate in the hundreds thousands Vietnam dong. The market place in the village is the place to sell all kinds of ceramics, such as the cup set, Bat Trang worship to Bat Trang luxury bowls, ceramic paintings, … The products here are produced to meet not only the needs of ordinary families, but also many high-quality Bat Trang pottery products for important occasions.

If you want to have a set of advanced Bat Trang bowls as a gift and express the heart as well as impress the business, agencies … customers can go to the ceramics workshop here to print the logo into cups. The cost of this service is not as expensive as people think.

Not only that, visitors can see from their own eyes the process of producing high-grade bowls as well as hand-made products to commemorate a trip of meaning or ceramic gifts from ancient pottery villages along the Red River. At Bat Trang ceramic village, you will enjoy the items such as love cup, heart box, wind bell, to the belts, necklace, bracelet … made from pottery. Perhaps the old artists never thought they would appear on the shelves, but they are the product attracted numerous visitors, especially the young.

Nowadays, Bat Trang artisans with their ingenuity and creative creativity have brought Bat Trang ceramics far reaching not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets such as Europe, America, Canada … Along with the development of village life local people also improved significantly. According to statistics, more than 80% of people in the village live by manufacturing ceramics with an average salary of 3 million to 4 million VND / month. Having retained the traditional profession of his father, while ensuring life, Bat Trang people increasingly attached more firmly about a good future of ceramics.


For foreign customer or wholesale trader, after buying products from Bat Trang ceramic village and have demand to ship the products to overseas for their family’s present or open the ceramic shop in their own country. They can contact with shipping company to have quotation for shipping service. It will be depend on the volume and destination, logistics company will provide the delivery service for each demand of customers.

For further detail about shipping Ceramic Product From Bat Trang to overseas, please contact 093.4444.044 or email : gerrard@tclfreight.com.vn for quotation and consultation.