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Nowadays, there are two most popular delivery services: standard delivery and express delivery. They are divided into different services because each service serves customers with different criteria. What are the differences between standard delivery services and express delivery services? How to distinguish them? Let’s find out in the article below.

The difference between the two criteria when making the shipping procedure


Shipping procedures are considered the first criterion to distinguish two delivery services . With normal delivery services, the procedures for shipping will take a long time with procedures from information to customs clearance. Especially, it is more difficult and time consuming for international delivery services. Express delivery service is improved with simple procedure, the sender just need to fill in the relevant information of the sender and the receiver, they can assure the goods will be deliveried to the correct address. When shipping internationally, the sender only need to bring the goods and fill in the required documents and ask for delivery time which the standard delivery don’t have . Delivery time of the standard delivery service will depend on the carrier, the receiver will not be proactive in tracking and receiving goods.

Delivery freight

The higher quality, the higher price. Express delivery service with higher service charges than the standard delivery. However, the benefits that express delivery brings to customers, people are still ready to use express delivery services to ensure the goods, letters to the right time and ensure the package is intact. Express delivery service saves your time and distance moving between home and post office. Moreover, it is very important for businessman to delivery goods to customers in the shortest time, which make the trust of customers, thus helping your business more convenient. Overall, difference cost between the two modes of delivery is trivial and you have the satisfaction about the services. Because of that, express delivery is the most popular.

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