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Handicraft is one of the export sectors of Vietnam strength to the continent and the world, in which the export of vietnam bamboo and rattan is considered as a leader of the handicraft industry and conquer to the European and American markets. However, in recent years, due to high competition, the bad customer service in the domestic market as well as the weak knowledge of import and export procedures have made vietnam bamboo and rattan exports less and less.


Vietnam bamboo and products are abundant natural resources of Vietnam, through the hands of sophisticated artisans handed down from generation to generation, making the handicraft products which imbued with national identity. Echoing far away, a lot of foreign tourists come to visit and buy wholesale vietnam bamboo rattan products. As the number of customers increases, labor is not enough, manufacturers are beginning to think of buying handmade products from neighboring countries, mostly from China and mixing them for sale to visitors as well as foreign traders.


Many shops and handicraft manufacturers of vietnam bamboo and rattan export deliberately cheat foreign tourists to buy goods with commitments including door to door delivery. However, in fact, the cost that customers spend just enough for logistics companies moved to the port, when the cargo arrive, they should have to pay many extra costs incurred. Since then, foreign customer also warn each other not to buy in the village again.


So to break the ice of export vietnam bamboo and rattan market, in order to regain the belief from the foreign buying market, business, shops and handicraft villages of bamboo and rattan exports should pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not mix fake goods, Chinese goods into their own products
2. Change the design, create more own products, not copy.
3. Focus on training the team of craft villages and foreign language proficiency to provide good advice to foreigners
4. Understand the process of transportation of goods
5. Know the procedures for exporting goods
6. Emphasizing the marketing of products on the website translated into English
7. Communication product images beautiful, professional
8. Positive search and marketing for vietnam bamboo and rattan products exported to the website, forums of foreigners
9. Combined with inbound tourism companies, organize more tours to visit the village
10. Combining multiple households to organize joint production, in order to meet the large volume of goods placed from abroad.

To learn more about the Export of Handicrafts procedure, please read: https://tclfreight.com.vn/en/thu-tuc-xuat-khau-hang-thu-cong-my-nghe/