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Demand for international shipping of goods is increasing in the integration economy. From individual customers to importers and exporters who are doing business and trading in most of the foreign markets. However, not all international business operators are aware of the delivery terms to account for a part of the responsibility for the seller or the buyer. Importers or exporters only need to send the goods to reach the recipient safely and quickly. As a result, many international shipping companies, including TCL Logistics, have provided a full package of door to door services from A to Z.

Door to door delivery

1. Pick up the goods at the place and time required by the customer
2. Collect information related to the goods from the customer: the goods list, the value, the address and the recipient information
3. Measure weight, dimension and counting of goods
4. Quote the freight amount to customers
5. Declare the goods information on the e-customs system
6. Do the customs clearance of goods and transfer the goods from warehouses to international port
Load the goods into containers (if it is LCL) and put the cargoes on board
8. Tracking the sea / air transport and advising the expected arrival date to customer
9. Send the following document relating to the shipment: bill of lading, commercial documents, tracking number
10. Receiving the goods at the port of destination
11. Carrying out import customs clearance procedures
12. Carrying goods from the port to the place of delivery to the recipient
13. Notify the sender of the successful receipt of the goods

With Door to Door Delivery, customers will not have to pay any attention to shipping, but will fully deliver the goods to international shipping.

Door to Door international shipping methods:

a. Door to door by sea freight : cargo from warehouse – port – port – warehouse
b. Door to door by air freight: the goods will be from the warehouse – the airport – the airport – the warehouse
c. International door to door transportation by road: cargo from the warehouse – border – border – warehouse
d. International door to door courier service: from the warehouse – courier agent – airport- airport – courier agent – warehouse

Nowadays, the way of delivery and delivery by international express delivery is the most synchronous and fastest form because of the company’s worldwide network of reputable express carriers such as TNT, Fedex , UPS, DHL are all owned by them. Unlike the international shipping, air freight, logistic companies often have to combine their agents to work together to move goods around the world.

For more information about this international collection and delivery service, please visit: https://tclfreight.com.vn/en/lien-he/