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Logistics is a multimodal transportation service that provides solutions for customers from warehousing, inland transportation, international shipping and on-site delivery. Thus, to meet Door to Door needs, not every logistics company can serve. Here, TCL would like to list some of the best logistics companies on the market with long experience can meet the right logistics terms.

  1. TCL Logistics
    Founded in 2002, its predecessor, Ca Loi (in 1998), has a history of nearly 16 years up to 2018, demonstrating its deep experience in the field of logistics in the Vietnamese market. Tan Ca Loi provides all shipping solutions:
    – Warehouse services: warehouse rental, goods packing
    – Inland transportation: transferring goods from warehouses to international ports and from ports to warehouses
    – Customs procedures: receiving customs declarations of goods exported abroad and importing them from abroad into Vietnam
    – International shipping: book ships, consolidate cargo, ship raw container by sea and air to more than 300 countries around the world.
    – Door to door delivery: delivery to the recipient address
    – Domestic courier: delivery of documents, postal matters to all provinces in the country
    – International courier: is the first agent for express courier firms such as TNT, Fedex, UPS & DHL.
    – Consultation on export procedures: consultancy on procedures, dossiers, permits for import and export goods, reference HS code
    – Merchandise services: fumigation of goods, quarantine of goods, certificates of origin, quality inspection … Contact:
    + Hotline: 0934444044 Email: gerrard@tclfreight.com.vn
    + Website: https://www.tclfreight.com.vn / http://www.tclexpress.vn / http://www.hanoimoving.com
    + Phone: 0243-5144461 Fax: 0243-5144464
  2. Vinalink Logistics Joint Stock Company
  3. Danko Shipping Company Limited
  4. Chau Giang International Transport and Trading Joint Stock Company:
    Established in June 1996 in Hanoi, the main service is international freight forwarding by air and sea.
  5. Transworld Logistics
  6. Hoang Ha Logistics International Joint Stock Company:
    Over the past two decades, Hoang Ha has been building and developing to become the leading agent of international airlines in Vietnam. In addition, with the international network, we can provide optimal solutions for all emergencies.
  7. Hanoi Maxpeed Co., Ltd
  8. Khai Minh Company Limited
  9. Ca Loi Ho Chi Minh Company Limited
  10. Tuong Long Logistics Co., Ltd