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If you are in need of food delivery in the form of courier, here are a few notes you must not be ignored.

Before transporting food in the form of international express, it is important to thoroughly understand food items that are banned from international shipping. Specifically, some food items, such as fresh vegetables, roots, or unpasteurized meat and poultry, will not be transported internationally.

If you put food in checked baggage, when you arrive at your country airport, your goods will be checked automatically. At this point the luggage will be stuck with a yellow paper telling the customs officer to check one by one. Unreasonable foods will be destroyed immediately.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of their goods, customers should pay attention to choose the food containing labels, carefully check before transporting by courier.

Lưu ý khi tiến hành chuyển phát nhanh thực phẩm
Note when carrying food courier

When packing your product if it is not on the list, it must be carefully packed. If the item you want to send is a beverage, it should be carefully packed in the bottle to prevent it from being poured out. For glass bottles you should insert the sponge around the container before to avoid the maximum breakage. For dry foods such as dried shrimp, fish, squid, pack them carefully with nylon, and vacuum bags.

In particular you should declare very detailed and truthful about food items sent in the courier parcel. This is very important to help you avoid the unfortunate trouble that may occur.

Here are some notes that customers need to know when shipping food by courier. In order to avoid potential problem for your item you need to strictly comply with the provisions of the express delivery of food. Hope to share with you the above will help you transport the shipment success, smoothly to the recipient.