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Nowadays, when transportation service develops strongly with many different types and diversified services, consumers have more choices when they want to send goods. If you want to ship fast, convenient, the shipping by courier service is the smart choice. The article below will give you some notes to help you send in safe domestic courier

Can not ignore service information confirmation

When choosing domestic courier services, you can not ignore the confirmation of shipping service information including contact address, website, contact telephone number and other supporting services. This allows you to confirm the level of authority of the courier service delivery. The more information about the service provider, the better the customer.

Customers provide full information about the goods to send

Domestic express delivery within the day, usually delivered by express carriers, is transported by air. Air freight always has strict requirements on safety as well as the type of cargo to be transported. Consequently, customers need to provide accurate information about the items to be delivered in order to avoid problems later.

Packaging the goods properly

Express delivery goods always have certain packaging requirements by the specific packaging papers to avoid collision and scratching of goods. In order to ensure proper packaging, you should first investigate packaging costs as well as packaging specifications for certain types of items. Currently there are some express company usually support their customers on the packaging stage and customers usually do not have to pay for this service.

Predict the problems that arise in the transportation process.

When using domestic courier you often face some problems such as goods can reach the recipient delay due to some unpredictable reasons such as delayed aircraft, bad weather … For some aspects it is recommended that you buy insurance for your goods to avoid any loss or damage that may occur to minimize damage to you.