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Viettel shipping service is very popular with all customers. The strength of this service is that the network of post offices spread throughout the country and provide good service should be appreciated and selected customers. So what is Viettel’s shipping service now?

1. Viettel express delivery service

This is a service of shipping mail, mail, goods … by land and air by the time announced in advance. When using this service, all items sent via Viettel Express will be guaranteed on time.

Not only that, but you are also committed to safety. The post will be delivered by Viettel’s post office to the addressee who received the correct address.

Normally, in the form of Viettel service, the freight is calculated based on the weight and distance in km from the place of delivery. And usually the distance is divided into different levels: Up to 100 km, to 300 km and over 300 km.

2. Guarantee transportation Viettel service

This delivery service is a service that saves costs and often fits into the under 2kg package as well as does not require too high speed and delivery time.
In this form of transportation, the freight is calculated based on the weight of the mail. Normally, the rates will be divided into seven different levels.

3. Shipping services Viettel delivery of parcels

Similar to guaranteed delivery, parcel delivery is a form of cheap delivery. This form is suitable for packages that do not require too much time.

However, the difference with express delivery is only applicable to packages of 2 kg or more. This form of transportation is calculated based on the weight of the letter and the delivery area.

4. Assessment on Viettel transportation services

Choosing this mode of transportation of Viettel, customers can be assured. By good preservation service and nation wide network from city to border, rural and island. Moreover, Viettel always work with professional, disciplined and careful so the goods when sent are always guaranteed the best.

At the same time, with customers wanting to use express services in Hanoi, especially in the suburbs, the selection of Viettel will help them optimize costs.
In the inner city will be free to order refunds and free of charge with orders within the province. At the same time, default to the customer preview before receipt.

The above are the forms of transportation services of Viettel that you can refer to and from which to choose the most suitable form.