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International shipping is a form of service of transporting goods exported from the Vietnamese market to foreign countries or imported from abroad to Vietnam. Today, there are many logistics company, forwarders that provide international freight services. However, if you do not know how to choose good suppliers, customers need to pay with very high rate.

In order to choose a reputable international freight forwarder and ensure quality of service, customers should rely on the following criteria:

  1. Long experience: Not the price, but the experience is the core when it comes to international freight services. This service is not just a booking service, a space to store your shipments in containers, for boarding, but also for customs clearance, advice and licensing, certification related to import / export goods, tax code, import tax and many other things. A new-established logistics company or experienced for a few years, not collision and consulting a variety of different goods, will be difficult to consult promptly at the request of customers.
    Currently there are many logistics companies or forwarders experienced and established over 10 years, is a long enough time to ensure the prestige and experience consulting clients.
  2. Reasonable price: If customers only focus on cheap international shipping service, the cheaper the better and forget about the quality in parallel with the money you spend, it is a big mistake.There are many cases where customers complain and claim that before sending goods from Vietnam to overseas, the logistics service provider quotes A but when the goods arrive at the port in the foreign country, they incur B additional costs and are not responsible for their delivery. Here, some international shipping companies have deliberately removed some surcharges in Vietnam to create cheaper quotes than the market in order to attract customers, then silently requesting agents to pick up and collect those fees at the receiver instead of collecting the sender. This trick is not new in the shipping industry but it is clear to current customers or less import and export is still always on this price trap.

    Reasonable price is a price if the customer try to refer 3 to 5 other reputable shipping service providers, and the difference is not too much (not too high, not too low) and then try using the service for the first time to see the quality of the guarantee against the commitment, then that is the logistics companies that customers should believe.

  3. Guarantee Transit Time: Why I do not say that the transit time is accurate but guarantee because of the international transport of goods, the concept of time by ocean or air freight is only relative ( estimated time ) because there are many external factors in the process of transportation, no service provider can guarantee a 100% accurate arrival time.However, committing and informing customers about the average transit time of a shipment and expected time of arrival and departure is necessary. More importantly, a good logistics service is when the above time is guaranteed not too much error, and unfortunately, if the vessel is delayed for some reason, immediately notify the customer in writing, even with a stamped official letter to promptly change the customer’s sales plan.
  4. Careful, meticulous: every service needs this factor but with international shipping service this is the key factor and if any shipping company does not have or lacking meticulous are extremely risky for the customer.Imagine if the employees of the logistics company, due to lack of carefulness, do not check the information meticulously and type wrongly about the information of goods on the original bill of lading (dcoument to send to the consignee to take orders to get goods ), causing the delay for many days, the sender must spend more cost to return the original documents by courier, related to a lot of things.

    With logistics companies providing good service, they always confirm the information with the customer by both phone and email in writing, any minor changes in the goods records, the staff also notice and ask the customer in writing the email and wait for the customer’s confirmation to continue the declaration.

  5. Service attitude: in the end if the price is good, the service is good, the staff is neat and accurate, but the attitude of consulting with customers that superficial, lack of information, even irresponsible, blame the customer if any problems arise. All of the things above occur, customer will quit. Especially with first-time importers and exporters who do not know anything about the process, the way as well as import-export documents, an employee of a good international shipping company will devote themselves to answering questions and concern of customers and will advise customers what to do to have the best international shipping options.