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Nowaday, every aspect of our life is developing continually, transport services are no exception. In order to meet the demand of people, express delivery service came out to society.

Differences between express delivery and normal delivery.

-Delivery of goods imported to Viet Nam at the end of the nineteenth century. At the beginning , it’s just used for inland delivery letters with stamp, then it come into delivery cargo with a lot of types and more faster from country to county over the world. The most imprtant factor of transport is time. Express delivery service takes from 1 to 2 days to ship of the inner-city, inner-province and from 2-3 days for further area, but with nomal delivery service it will take at least from 4 to 7 days up to geographical location.

– The difference which you can recognize easily is the term of delivery cargo. With normal delivery service, your order is not in schedule, the post will do step by step from receive cargo from to delivery cargo into warehouse for parceling up then ship to consignee. Time to solve every single step really take time and consignee can’t catch the time of delivery because it all depend on shipper.
When you use express delivery service, you will get the schedule of delivery cargo clearly or you can chasing up your order via internet with a number of bill of lading. It’s the reason why express become common in our life.
Prestigious express delivery service in Viet Nam.

The more demand of people increase the more company spring up like mushrooms, that make customer become puzzed chosing the best service not only to insure the consignment can be deliver to consignee carefully but also get compensation term when cargo get in accident.

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Translator : Ms. Linh ( Export Dept )