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Currently, express delivery is one of the popular services and is widely used by people. It is not only domestic delivery that international express delivery is becoming more and more popular. But when using this service, not everyone knows how to choose the best service. So to help you answer this question, let’s find out through the article below.

Select the courier company

Before using the international courier service to deliver your goods, you need to find out exactly which partner you will hire. Currently, most agents, courier companies in Vietnam are not qualified and capable to ship goods overseas for you. Therefore, usually, when the customer rents, they will consolidate into a large shipment. Next, transfer this cargo to the major courier companies to carry.

Types of transport of transporting are loads.

Therefore, before choosing the reliable service, it is the best to learn thoroughly to ensure the stability and accuracy of transportation. Especially, with the orders, the documents are urgent, you need to find out about the courier companies you intend to work with in terms of prices, modes of transport.

Regulations for international express delivery

Usually, international courier is quite complicated, because it has to go through the customs procedures, inspection … So, when submitting, you need to note some things as follows:

Legislation: In Vietnam, the law has certain provisions on international express items such as express goods allowed to be shipped, goods banned from express delivery or conditional express. At the same time, other provisions on packaging, customs procedures for the import and export of express goods, customs duties and other duties …

Delivery company rules: Usually, to ensure the interests of the customer, delivery companies will provide specific regulations. Depending on the company, there will be different regulations. In addition, depending on the capacity of the company, the ability to collect the amount of cargoes such as conditions of delivery, minimum value, minimum weight, delivery time, services such as COD fee, regulations relating to insurance and cargo compensation …

Here are two basic things to know when using international courier service. Hope after reference you will have more experience for yourself.