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TCL is now providing international courier services to many countries in the world, meeting the demand of sending and transferring goods of customers such as:

1. Personal customers send gifts for the holidays for relatives
2. Personal customers send essential goods to relatives
3. Individuals who are foreigners returning home or moving their personal belongings
4. Customers who wish to export goods to foreign countries
5. Customers purchase goods in Vietnam and bring to foreign countries for sale

TCL’s international courier service serve all customers to almost all countries in the world by sending door to door. International courier process is as follows:

a. Pick up cargo from the sender at the sender’s address
b. Measurement of weight and size of goods
c. Quotation for customer
d. Sending shipment
e. Inform the sender of the expected delivery date
d. Notice the shipper has been delivered to the recipient.

Transportation routes from Vietnam to foreign countries:

– Express delivery to Japan: use UPS express delivery service with fast delivery time (3 days) and very reasonable rates. Note to the goods sent to Japan, the sender should not or should pay attention when sending items related to food such as bowls, chopsticks. Japan is very sensitive to hygiene and food safety and the environment so they require very rigorous testing of products that are related directly or indirectly to consumers.

– Courier to USA: TCL provides most services to states of United States. Delivery time is 5-7 days. In US, customs will inspect the goods very carefully to ensure the security and defense against terrorism. Consumers should avoid sending sensitive goods such as sharp knives, scissors or toy guns to luggage sent to the United States.

– Express delivery to Australia: Australia is considered as an Asian country and has a high proportion of Vietnamese students. Cargoes are sent to Australia is mostly supplies for children, their relatives. However, the sender should pay attention because the cost of sending goods to Australia is not cheap so it is necessary to carefully consider what should be sent. If any of the items can be bought in Australia, you should ask your children to buy them because if they buy cheap in Vietnam then the cost of courier is cheaper or cheaper than buying directly in Australia.

– Courier to France: Many French traders come to Vietnam to visit and select a variety of handicrafts to bring back their country to display, collect or resell. Most French customers choose an international courier service because they want to send a sample to their company in France for the customer to preview. Then, when their customers in France satisfied, they would order more and send in larger quantities by sea transport services.

– Courier to Canada: Just like the United States, Canada’s import security monitoring system is also very tight. The sender should select these shipping carriers as UPS or Fedex as the two expatriates originate from the United States.

– Express delivery to the UK: After Brexit, UK was outside the European community, so the shipping costs to England also somewhat higher than before. However, customers can choose TNT’s international express delivery packages through TCL agents for preferential and good rates.

In addition, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and TCL have a network of courier agents that are convenient for shipping anywhere in the world. The prominent feature of Tan Ca Loi’s international courier service is the obligation to provide the customer with a tracking number. Through this, customers can directly monitor their shipments are in the process or transport, the location, the status of the shipment through the website system of the courier.