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Along with the development of the society, the demand for transportation and exchange of goods from Vietnam to foreign countries and vice versa became more and more popular. In particular, the international express delivery service is one of the services that many people choose to trust. However, if you use this service, you need to note some of the issues below.

I. Benefits of International Express Service

Not only fast, international express services also have many other benefits for customers when using services such as:

High security

International courier services are highly secure and safe, as this form of transportation is very fast and accuracy. Besides, the customer’s mail will be packaged and transported safely to prevent breakage, humidity, fire and explosion … At the same time, when using this service, the carrier will have written or transportation contract about the goods as well as transportation services.

Appropriate cost

As a fast express shipping service, international express services are available at reasonable prices for individuals and businesses.

Fast transit time

Called the express delivery service, the delivery time of this service is the fastest, meeting all transportation needs from hand letter to shipments with volume to thousands of kilograms. With this shipping service, you can be assured of accurate timing.

II. Notes when using international courier service

Compared with domestic courier, international courier has more complicated things and must go through the customs procedures, inspection …

Law issue

In Vietnam, there are certain regulations on international express items such as: express goods permitted for express delivery, goods banned from express delivery or conditional delivery; Other provisions on packaging, customs procedures for import and export of express goods, customs duties and other duties …

Therefore, the courier after receiving the goods need to check and verify the product information to see if the goods are not prohibited, type of goods, size of goods, packaging status …

So what items are prohibited ?

Include the following items:

+ Types of stimulants, drugs

+ Living creatures and animals

Military equipment such as ammunition, weapons …

+ Explosive substances, environmental pollution

+ Kinds of articles banned from circulation, banned from business, production …

+ Mailings sent to many different addresses

With the delivery company regulations

These regulations are designed to ensure the interests of customers as well as the responsibility of shipping companies. Each company will have different regulations and depending on the capacity of each company they will collect the application.

In addition, when sending international express mail, you also need to know some regulations on goods such as:

+ For papers, invoices and vouchers, customers must declare contents of postal matters such as passports, confidential parcels, papers and invoices.

+ For goods, the goods, quantity and weight must be clearly stated:

+ It is necessary to verify the details of the consignee, the more detailed customer information to support the fastest courier service.

+ Specify the requirements when sending goods: is the courier service or regular service to ensure cost as well as timely delivery of goods, avoid charges arise unwanted.

Here are some notes you need to know when using international courier services to secure your own rights.