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In order to meet the demand of transportation of people, there are many forms of transportation. Each type will have its own advantages suitable for different items. What are the advantages of each mode of transportation?

Road transport

This service is the most used and long-standing, this form of transportation is quite flexible, not time-dependent nor has any regulation of time.

With this form of transportation, the two sides will agree on the time of transportation. At the same time, they can also change during transportation. Moreover, using this service, you can flexibly choose the suitable vehicle for the type of goods, the quantity of goods as well as the destination.

In addition, the use of road costs is also lower than other forms. However, if long-distance freight can increase fees due to road fees, maintenance, repair and maintenance costs.

Rail transport

This form of transport was born very early and can transport goods with long distances. It can be said that this is a form of fast shipping, stable at a high level of safety for goods and reduce the transit time.

In addition, compare with the road transport, rail transport will transfer large volumes of goods at a faster rate and more stable prices. Moreover, the train schedule has been set and can not be changed.

Besides, in this form, the cost may be higher when the volume of goods is large due to the cost of maintaining roads, depreciation of roads, depreciation of terminal equipment …

Sea freight

Shipping of sea freight is known to be a form of interference with foreign countries. This takes over three-fifths of the world’s rotation and travels for long international routes. This form of transportation has facilitated economic exchanges with countries in the region and in the world.

Air freight

Airfreight is the fastest way of transporting goods and can be easily transported to outside countries. When using this form of transportation, fewer collision problems occur and can ensure better goods safety.

As you can see, with different forms of transportation will bring different advantages. However, depending on the transportation needs and costs you can meet that choice of the most suitable form of transportation.