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Nowadays, sea and air freight are two of the most popular transportation in the world. And in each kind of transport has its own characteristics, but there are also common points. So how different are these two forms of transportation ?

The Similarity

Both of these modes of transport bring great potential for international trade, which makes it easy for enterprises and companies to bring their products to other countries in the world in order for our economy to develop and integrate into the world economy.

At the same time, sea and air freight also provides high security for cargo. So far, very few air or sea accidents have occurred. This means that your goods are the safest.


Transit time : For ocean and air freight the first difference is the transit time. And if you look at this criterion, the air freight will have a much faster speed, so it often applies to items that need time urgency.

As for sea freight, the transit time will be much longer so it is usually suitable for items that do not require time.

Procedure: In terms of procedures, sea transport will be much more complicated than air transport. By this time, you need to prepare a lot of difficult paperwork .

Transportation costs: These two types of transportation costs are different and there is a large difference. Often, air freight costs are much more expensive than shipping by sea. Instead, air freight require high levels of science.

Volume of Goods : For air freight, it is only suitable for the transportation of small weight but high value cargo. As for sea freight, it is suitable for all commodities.

With different modes of transport, there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice of form depends entirely on the time, volume and cost you want to spend.

Hopefully with the information provided above, you will know the similarities and differences between sea transport and air freight. From there, choose for yourself the most appropriate form of transportation.