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Every form of international transportation such as air, road, sea … have the advantages and disadvantages. For the purposes of this article, we will point out some of the advantages that our customers receive when using international shipping.

Although public transport is growing rapidly and abundantly, international shipping by sea remains the most popular form of international transportation. According to statistics of international shipping organizations, ocean freight carries approximately 80% of the total volume of international trade.

Sử dụng dịch vụ vận tải quốc tế bằng đường biển bạn sẽ được những gì?
Using international shipping services by sea what will you be?

The most advantage of shipping is that it can stand a great deal of load, even hundreds or thousands of times more than other modes of transport. Because of the large volume of cargo, international shipping is always preferable. In addition, this form of transport will be less limited in terms of volume and size.

Many of the sea lanes are the natural way of transportation, so it is less difficult to transport international cargo by sea than by air. However, depending on the geographic distance and the capacity to develop the fleet, as well as the structure of import and export goods of each country, the shipping structure will have a certain difference.

Safety is one of the greatest advantages of shipping. As the volume of ships is not as crowded as other means of transport, the risk of collisions and accidents in transportation is relatively low.

However, not only the advantages that this form of transport will also exist certain limitations. The biggest limitation of international shipping is that it is not as fast as air freight. In addition, the size of the cargo ship is very large so it is only possible to carry cargo to the port and then use the road to bring the goods to the consumer.

The above are some advantages as well as the limitation that the form of international transport by sea brings to consumers.