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Customs Declaration Service is a procedure of customs clearance, receipt of documents and customs declaration for import / export goods via electronic system, then complete customs clearance and take goods out from port. Importers and exporters may self-appoint customs declaration personnel by their digital signatures or outsource customs brokerage services from logistics companies.


  1. Why hire a customs broker:

– Cost savings: Importers and exporters may think that it is cost effective to make custom declarations, but it is completely wrong. When customs clearance procedures are carried out by customs clearance companies, customs clearance companies often do a lot of customs declarations, as compared with the fact that importers can only make one or several parcels. Moving and custom fee of logistics companies will be more economical.
– Time saving: A newly imported enterprise may take a long time to understand the procedures and regulations on importing its goods, further going to the place. Customs clearance procedures also take quite a long time. Logistics companies usually have branches in large cities, near international ports or industrial zones, and customs officers can come in quickly.
– Long experience: not easy to clear the goods if the business does not know the regulations or licenses required to export or import goods. With logistics companies, their years of experience as they clear customs for hundreds of different types of goods will, of course, handle the problem in a simple and neat manner.
– Minimization of errors: The customs clearance process of logistic companies begins with the receipt and checking of the complete import and export dossier of the customer and the information on the document is correct and suitable standard or not. If the enterprise is self-employed, it may be that the employees who are experienced will be wrong in making export documents or do not know how to check the documents submitted by the partners. This will make customs clearance more difficult and time-consuming.

2. Why not hire a customs broker:

– Understanding of products and goods: There are some kinds of goods of specific nature that only enterprises producing or importing have gone through the process of buying and selling new businesses. For those items, the service unit may not understand well, leading to erroneous or erroneous customs declarations, and it may take longer than employees of self-employed importers.
– High price pressures: Not every logistics unit provides a reasonable price for customs clearance, even some units can quote very cheaply, but in the process of requesting customers to pay extra costs. Therefore, if the import-export business to consider customs brokerage services should look for a reputable, long-term logistics company and have extensive experience in the market.


a. Receipt of customer records, inspection and additional advice if missing or inaccurate
b. Get digital signatures directly from customers or get indirect CKS information
c. Inform the VNACSS electronic customs system
d. Wait for distribution to prepare the dossier or send staff to check and customs
e. Notification of tax payable to customers and payment if the customer needs
f. Clear the declaration and get the goods
g. Advise customers to add documents to customs debt (if any) after clearance to return goods to the warehouse