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If you are a small business or customer who shipping to overseas for the first time, you will want to know what can and can not be delivered by international courier. For example, the courier does not ship “white goods” such as washing machines or dishwashers unless they are palletized and properly packed. We also advise avoiding sending fragile items such as pottery or glassware unless properly packed. It should be noted that these items are usually included in the exclusion list and are not insured under the policy if damage occurs.

International courier service is different from normal home delivery.

Although you can carry up to 1 tonne of weight in conjunction with leading shipping companies such as UPS and DHL, these services may not be suitable for moving home because each item weighs over 50kg need to palletize and made it shrink. But this basically depends on what you are wanting to move. Any goods must be packed tightly and carefully to ensure they do not move during transportation.

If you need to send large or heavy cargo, it is best to use TCL’s Ocean Freight services. This will help to optimize costs when customers need to ship large amounts of goods to the same address instead of sending them individually with different times.

Most of the items you can be sent by courier as long as it is carefully packed and accurately reported to customs through the VNACCS electronic customs declaration system.

Transportation of dangerous goods
Some goods are simply too dangerous to be transported and will not be accepted, including some goods such as bleach, soap, perfume and many other things. Not all shipping lines provide dangerous shipping services, but we recommend that you look at what goods are considered to be dangerous or dangerous goods. We use the IATA management agency, which supervise most international shipping companies, to provide our information to help you prepare for international shipments.

Most senders may know that animal products such as leather, wool and horn products (ie ivory) are prohibited and can not be shipped. Other goods, such as aerosols / jars, wine cans, car batteries, explosives, weapons or sharp objects (knives, saw blades, etc.) are all examples of embargoed items. Transferred in international express mail. Also below are illustrations of items that are advised not to put on luggage or goods sent internationally.


The items are not allowed to be transported by air or by express mail